Disneyland Paris vs. the 3 Rowe women!!!!

My Mum had a milestone birthday at the the very end of last year so for the first time in Rowe history all 3 of the adult Rowe women went away on holiday together!!!! Our choice was Disneyland Paris since none of us really has a mental age above 12 years old and we had a ball.

Day 1: We arrived on Sunday 30th as the park was closing so just had a walk around and of course I couldn’t keep the phone in my pocket for more than 10 seconds without wanting to take pictures!! (click on thumbnails to enlarge, then click on the back arrow to return here).

Mum & Stacey do Disney!!!!The Disney VillageEnough with the photos already and get me another cocktail!

Disneyland Resort Paris.

The Disney Watertower Pt1

Disney Watertower pt2

The Disney Studio Gates

Day 2: Inside the park and here is me getting in the mood for the Disney parade or is that rather just looking like a complete¬†t*t!!!! I would like to say that I was forced to do it but frankly I wasn’t – I did it of my own free will!! ūüôā

Those Pluto ears are so very fetching!

Day 3: And here are Me & Stacey with the real McCoy!

And wearing the ears only attracts¬Ö¬Ö.?

Finally succumed to the modern age!!!!

Self Portrait 


After resisting for a fair while I finally registered on Facebook the other day –¬†search for Shelley Rowe, you’ll find me if you need to – here I am in a moment of self portrait wonderment?!?! Not sure how useful I will find¬†Facebook but I’m gonna give it¬†a fair crack of the whip – see who’s out there that I¬†know¬†ūüôā

Also the Flickr link seems to have gone a bit belly up on my blogroll because it keeps removing the very important @ symbol in my URL!! Here it is again.



The Storming of Cardiff!!

Finally got around to hauling my butt to see Wales play at home on Saturday (Wales v. Italy: 47-8). I’ve been saying¬†I’ll go¬†for years but have only now managed it accompanied by the girls from the office – Thanks for joining me girls, you were great company.¬†It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time. I got very emotional during the singing of the Anthem but managed to stop short of actually blubbing. Here are a few shots from the day although they weren’t taken with the Nokia but the Ricoh R6¬†– quality is crap but the light was abysmal so the ISO was pushed way high.

Me & Suzanne get a pint (or 2) in before the match.Nutter magnet switched on full attracts a very friendly Italian fanMade it at last!

Sing your heart out!Cymru am BythA bit of action!!

In the footsteps of Henry VIII

I haven’t posted for a while so I’ve a bit to catch up on.

A weekend away at Hampton Court Palace in December is the reason for the subject title. A group of 8 of us spent a few days at ‘The Georgian House’ Landmark Trust property on the grounds. It’s absolutely fantastic. If you ever get the chance to stay there………do. Having access to the grounds and Palace courtyards after hours is a bonus and if you can cope with the difficulties of focusing the camera in the dark some good photographic opportunities. I didn’t manage to cope with the focusing in the dark BTW so there are only a couple of shots I approve of that might make it to my website proper. Mostly I took¬†pictures with the phone, the shame of it, it was easier than karting the kit around and when we bobbed into London I only took the camera phone!! One place I absolutely wanted to visit was the new St Pancras Station and I was not disappointed. It’s Fantastic even if my images don’t do it justice!

Below are some thumbnails – click on them to see the bigger image.

The Alternative Teracotta Army at the BMThe Great Court at the BMSt Pancras StationThe Meeting Place

Advent Calendar at St Pancras 2007St Pancras ArchwaysSt Pancras Station roof

St Pancras ReflectionHampton Court Palace as seen from The Georgian HouseStairwell Shadow at Hampton Court Palace

The Empty ChairI’m sure that writing says something????Blue Stairwell at Hampton Court

Overseeing the repairs!

Is Seth MacFarlane living inside my head?

Last¬†week after a good night on the town with my work mates I got back and wound down with a couple of episodes of Family Guy. Is it just me or does it sometimes feel like Seth MacFarlane is living inside your head?¬†There are a few things that are guaranteed to make me laugh so hard it hurts and Family Guy sits right on top of that heap at the mo. Wisdom¬†dictates that I actually put down all beverages during an episode lest they be sprayed out of my nose in a most unflattering fashion¬†but other than that it’s no holds barred laugh until your sides split.

Laughter is such good therapy and every so often I manage to completely let go and feel so much better for it. This usually happens in public with family or friends but an embarrassment shared is an embarrassment lessened ūüôā

Land of my Fathers pt2.

Holidaying with the dog is sometimes a bit of a bind. The weather looked good in the middle of¬†our week in Wales so we headed for the coast. It chucked it down just as we got there but undeterred we trouped out of the car to be met with the no dogs on this section of beach until the end of September sign. We were sooooo glad we’d made the effort! There were only 2 days to go until the deadline and to be fair it was raining so hard there were no other tourists around so we could have risked it but in the event we decided to get back in the car.¬†We drove¬† a bit further and we got the the Dovey estuary nature reserve just as the sun was starting to shine. Dogs were allowed to run free and the tide was out so we parked up and had a game of rugby.

 Dom on the Beach 1

I¬†suppose since I have mentioned the dog a few times I had better post a couple of pictures¬†of him. We call him Domino, you’ll be able to see why ūüôā and here he is taking a short breather from running to admire the view.

Dom on the Beach 2