Shelley who is called Brian!

A view that I don’t often get to see – a rucksack with legs! Paul took this photo of me doing my Brian the snail impersonation while we were walking on the Farham Estate. I’d better not get any more kit, a bigger rucksack would look just down right ridiculous!

Brian the Snail!

Deep into Cavan I ventured!

I’ve just spent a spiffing weekend over in Ireland for the wedding, well, blessing of last year’s wedding, of my longest standing friend – and No, that doesn’t mean that she, of the two of us, was most able to hold her drink!!! I’m not going to post photos of the actual do here but since the surrounding countryside was beautiful, and I managed to get over to the East coast on the way back to Dublin, the ol’ N73 got a bit of use.

We stayed at the Radisson SAS Farnham Estate Hotel and very nice it was too. Oodles of land to wander in and the odd photographic opportunity presented itself. I took similar shots to the next 2 with the proper kit but sometimes I just can’t think why I bother as the phone copes remarkably well – just kidding!! Honestly 🙂


Farnham Estate Lough

Driving around looking for interesting things we followed a brown sign to Monasterboise – turned out to be a ruined monastery & round tower (we had sort of guessed this) but it had one of the most intact High Cross’, Muiredach’s cross, in Ireland, apparently.

Monasterboise High Cross

Monasterboise also had a couple of benches which I found irresistible. I had a thing for photographing benches a couple of years back – I was kinda on the wagon but fell off momentarily.

I can never resist a bench!

Further wanderings took us to the coast – well, well engineered wanderings took us to the coast – Deep joy 🙂

Coastal rock formations - Skerries

O! I do like to be beside the seaside…..O! I do like to be beside the sea…………

…………beside the seaside, beside the sea.

A final stop at Ardgillan Castle, again following brown signs, gave us the opportunity to rest a wee while in some beautiful gardens.

I knew I carried this massive kit bag around for some reason!!

The best use for my kit bag other than it’s purpose!