Disneyland Paris vs. the 3 Rowe women!!!!

My Mum had a milestone birthday at the the very end of last year so for the first time in Rowe history all 3 of the adult Rowe women went away on holiday together!!!! Our choice was Disneyland Paris since none of us really has a mental age above 12 years old and we had a ball.

Day 1: We arrived on Sunday 30th as the park was closing so just had a walk around and of course I couldn’t keep the phone in my pocket for more than 10 seconds without wanting to take pictures!! (click on thumbnails to enlarge, then click on the back arrow to return here).

Mum & Stacey do Disney!!!!The Disney VillageEnough with the photos already and get me another cocktail!

Disneyland Resort Paris.

The Disney Watertower Pt1

Disney Watertower pt2

The Disney Studio Gates

Day 2: Inside the park and here is me getting in the mood for the Disney parade or is that rather just looking like a complete t*t!!!! I would like to say that I was forced to do it but frankly I wasn’t – I did it of my own free will!! 🙂

Those Pluto ears are so very fetching!

Day 3: And here are Me & Stacey with the real McCoy!

And wearing the ears only attractsÂ…Â….?

Finally succumed to the modern age!!!!

Self Portrait 


After resisting for a fair while I finally registered on Facebook the other day – search for Shelley Rowe, you’ll find me if you need to – here I am in a moment of self portrait wonderment?!?! Not sure how useful I will find Facebook but I’m gonna give it a fair crack of the whip – see who’s out there that I know 🙂

Also the Flickr link seems to have gone a bit belly up on my blogroll because it keeps removing the very important @ symbol in my URL!! Here it is again.