Land of my Fathers….well fathers, mothers, fathers, fathers or some such!

I have, at least that’s what I am told, some Welsh ancestry that I like to think fully qualifies me to wear the ol’ red shirt and support the Welsh Rugby team on appropriate occasions. Caban Coch reservoir

Just before Wales were robbed by Fiji in the world cup I spent a lovely week in the land of my Fathers. I did have my proper camera kit with me but occasionally I was just caught off guard and the phone was the only thing to hand. On the first day driving & walking around the Elan valley reservoirs I saw this. The light looked to be changing for the better, the clouds moving in the right direction and worth a proper picture. By the time I’d bobbed back to the car, a couple of minutes away, to grab camera bag, tripod etc. the below had happened!!!


The weather perked up as we carried on round the reservoirs though, a pleasant time was had by all and the occasional photographic opportunity presented itself. The dog does get a bit bored waiting around for me to set up the camera but at least he didn’t pee up my tripod 🙂




Craig Goch Dam

In’t Nature Gorgeous!

Romanesco CauliflowerWe have an organic delivery each Monday morning to our house (thoroughly recommended BTW) and yesterday morning we got the most spectacular vegetable ever seen.

How often do you actually get to see fractals so evident in nature? I don’t think I want to eat it just sit and look at it. It’s called a Romanesco Cauliflower in case you are interested.

I had wondered if it was going to hatch over night and leave a acid spitting killing machine behind in the kitchen but there was just the dog as per normal when I came downstairs this morning 🙂


Romanesco Cauliflower2


Monitor Graveyard

A wee while back my workplace upgraded all its monitors to flat panels. Hurrah for us workers but so sad for all the old CRT monitors which ended up in a kind of ‘Monitor Graveyard’ before the final indignity being put into cages and shipped off somewhere.

Final Indignity!

The post it note on the one in the middle I found particulalry touching, “Screen fuzzy but works”.


We all have to start somewhere!

Well this is the start of my blogging then…..Hello and welcome to the Nokia side of life.

An avid photographer, I was always a little peeved when I was not carrying my full kit and occasionally saw things that I might have otherwise photographed. To this ends I bought a Nokia N73 with the plan that since I was never without my phone I would never be without a camera.
The first picture I took when I was testing the camera out is called ‘Beer’. This image is not necessarily representative of a night in at home but mostly because at home I wouldn’t normally drink lager 🙂