Crikey! It’s February.

I just can not believe that we are in February already; I think I might have blinked and missed January. I suppose I should have a bit of a catch up but then again there’s nothing much to catch up on really.
Christmas came and went and was fairly uneventutful – even for Santa’s little helpers!!

Girlies at the Leggers.

It was a bit nippy in the pub that Christmas eve afternoon but maybe that was just the lack of clothes 🙂

And now we are in the middle of a ‘snow event’!! I prefer to say, ‘Hey! It’s snowed, better work from home then’.  I have had no opportunity to get out and about with the my camera but I did manage to take a few quick shots with the phone, which is kind of the point of this site really, so here you are.

Taken last night as it really started to come down – I had just got back from work and managed to put the car in the garage!

As I sit and watch the snow falling down……

And then this morning when we took the dog for his walk…..

The calm before the storm – the storm that will be masses of kids that is.

Calm before the storm.

My favourite tree – I wish I’d had my tripod for this; slightly out of focus fuzzy tree!! Damn it!

Tree in the right light!

That’s snow bush it’s a full grown tree!

And then I found the way back to the wardrobe!!!

The wardrobe is around here somewhere!!

Snow, dawn and some artificial light – I like that combination 🙂