4 nights in Bristol and the world’s your oyster! – pt3 Bristol

Day 3 – we planned to stay and mooch around Bristol and hopefully meet up, at some point, with our friend Clive for a beer. The weather started as it had on all the previous days – overcast & foggy – but standing on the baclony of our apartment, the temperature seemed to be a little warmer than previous days so I got me legs out again – ever the optimist. We basically spent the day being touristy (SS Great Britain, Harbourside, Cabot Tower, Cathedral, St Mary Redcliffe) and though I tried to get some shopping in up by the Uni at some of the little clothes boutiques Paul wasn’t having any of it and I came away empty handed. Just a for a few minutes though I felt like I could have been a student again, setting out in life with the whole world before me – Oh no hang on that’s just my mid thirties crisis that makes me feel like that 🙂

 Rushing by!Over the edge!That beige blur is me you know!

A self portrait in which I feel somewhat small!

After a tiring day of walking about we did manage to meet up with Clive in the evening and a supposed quick soft drink turned into eventually saying goodbye several pints and a few hours later – a perfect end to a great break – goodo 🙂

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