4 nights in Bristol and the world’s your oyster! – pt1 Bath

Just had a cracking long weekend in Bristol. Beer, food, friends & photography – what more could a girl ask for? Despite the forecast telling me it was going to be good weather, each morning we awoke to heavy mist and overcast skies – it didn’t look too hopeful for a successful days photography in Bath but despite this I lugged my kit around and did get some proper shots in as well as the usual camera phone stuff when the skies turned blue later on.

First some Cranes in the mist…….

Cranes in the mist 1

Got off the train in Bath, headed into town and the misty conditions made me stop and look at these cranes performing their aerial ballet where I might not have otherwise bothered.

Cranes in the mist 2

Now I’ve seen Kunst und Kuh in Salzburg and Cow Parade in Marseille but Bath, just to be different, Bath were having a Pig trail. I’m such a sucker or should that be suckler (ooo bad) for things like this so here are some pigs. (click on the thumbnails to enlarge and the back to return here)

This little piggy went to market……This little piggy stayed home……………This little piggy had roast beef………………

This little piggy had none………..

There were three on the edge of the grass in the circus looking out down each of the roads leading to it but I think they might’ve missed a trick here – where was the piggy in the middle? Maybe there was one on a roundabout somewhere called piggy in the middle that I just didn’t find?

And this little piggy found someone to love it a take it all the way back home :-)

Apart from the pigs I did the usual tourist stuff of visiting the Royal Crescent, the Abbey and the Roman Baths.

Bath Abbey with colourful flags.

The Royal Cresent

If I’d tried a bit harder I’m sure I could have gotten all of the cars out of the shot. How rude of people actually to live here and spoil the photography 🙂

The Royal CrescentWoah! What’s with the architecture??Round the backs - sometimes more interesting.“Never again” says a bench in the cold light of the morning after!

Water forked like lightening…..weir-d :-)

A Bath traffic cop keeps things moving along smoothly 🙂

Imperial Traffic Cop!

The day in Bath ended with a couple of swift pints in a good local pub, the Volly, where I managed to attract the attention of the regulars who found the fact the more ‘diminutive’ of the two of us was carrying a huge backpack really quite amusing.

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